We settled a case with Progressive and State Farm for $95,000 for a young man who tore his rotator cuff in a car accident, requiring surgery to repair it. The settlement was a little over three times his medical bills, which were around $30,000.

Here’s what our client had to say on Avvo about our work on his behalf:

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Date published: 4-8-2015

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Mr. M was driving his Toyota Camry east on Camp Creek Parkway and was approaching an intersection. A driver coming the other way didn’t see Mr. M and made a left turn, directly into Mr. M’s path. He tried to avoid the wreck, but couldn’t, and crashed head on into the car. Here’s his car after the wreck:


Mr. M was pretty banged up in the wreck and in a lot of pain and was taken to a local emergency room. There he was diagnosed with strains and sprains of his shoulder, neck, back and wrist and instructed to follow up with an orthopedist.

Mr. M began seeing an orthopedist the following week and when his shoulder kept hurting after a month, the doctor ordered an MRI. The MRI showed an extensive tear of the labrum in his rotator cuff. Due to the tear and the pain Mr. M was experiencing, the doctor recommended he have rotator cuff surgery, which he underwent the next month. Mr. M needed a full six months of physical therapy to regain full range of motion in his shoulder but now considers himself nearly 100 percent recovered.


The driver who caused the wreck had only $25,000 in insurance with Progressive and they quickly settled for the entire $25,000. Mr. M had underinsured motorist coverage with State Farm and we were able to reach a $70,000 settlement with State Farm, resolving the case shortly before trial.

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