Ms. A was crossing the street in a crosswalk when a van driver hit her. The wreck broke her left shoulder and ankle. She eventually underwent surgery to repair her shoulder. BBGA attorneys investigated the incident and secured a $200,000 settlement before the case went to trial.

Van Turns Left into Crosswalk, Hits Pedestrian

Ms. A lives in Greensboro, Georgia. On the day of the incident, she was crossing the street on her way to lunch at the intersection of S. East Street and Georgia Hwy 12. She was waiting for the light to change so she could cross the street. When the light changed, she began walking in the crosswalk. When she did, a van turned left onto Georgia Hwy 12, and the front of the van struck her.

The Injuries

When EMS arrived, they found Ms. A lying on her back on the ground in front of the van. They checked her vital signs, placed a C-collar on her neck, and transported her by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

At the hospital, doctors noted multiple abrasions on her shoulder, arms, and legs. A CT scan revealed she had a broken shoulder and a broken ankle. She underwent non-operative treatment for a couple of weeks with a sling to stabilize her shoulder and a boot for her ankle. She eventually underwent surgery to repair her broken shoulder.

Following her surgery, Ms. A had months of physical therapy to help her regain full range of motion of her shoulder. While Ms. A has made a good recovery, she still experiences left shoulder pain.

BBGA Attorney Negotiates Fair Settlement Before Going to Trial

BBGA secured a $200,000 settlement before the case went to trial. The result is notable because the case was in a conservative, rural county. We are pleased to have helped Ms. A with her case and we wish her continued success in her ongoing recovery.

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