Nancy was flying to Las Vegas for a girl’s weekend with her friends. She was walking to her gate at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. An airport employee tried to throw a drink away, but it hit the side of the garbage can, fell on the floor, and spilled liquid everywhere. The employee kept on walking and didn’t do anything to clean it up.

Nancy didn’t see the spill and slipped and fell, breaking her shoulder. She required surgery to repair it and underwent months of physical therapy. Her medical bills were nearly $100,000. BBGA helped Nancy hold the airport responsible and secured a $300,000 settlement for her, over three times her medical bills.

Nancy’s Injuries

EMS transported Nancy from the airport to the hospital. Doctors ordered x-rays and diagnosed her with “highly comminuted fractures” of her left humerus, which means her arm was badly broken in multiple places. They put her arm in a sling, gave her pain medication, and instructed her to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon. She saw the orthopedic surgeon two days later. The surgeon ordered an MRI, which also showed the supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons in her shoulder were torn. Due to the severity of Nancy’s injuries, the surgeon recommended Nancy have a total shoulder replacement.

Shoulder Replacement (c) Eraxion

The surgery went well, but Nancy had a rough couple of weeks as she recovered. She began physical therapy and after more than 50 visits over several months, Nancy regained full range of motion in her arm. While she’s doing much better, she still has occasional pain in her shoulder and a nasty scar from the surgery.

Investigation & Resolution

Nancy retained our firm shortly after her injury and we quickly sent letters to the airport requesting they preserve any surveillance camera footage showing the accident. The video conclusively proved the employee caused Nancy’s fall and also showed the employee worked for an airport contractor instead of the airport itself. With this evidence, we were able to hold the contractor responsible and secure a settlement that fairly compensated Nancy for her injuries.

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