Defective Tire Accident Attorney in Georgia

Although driver error is the leading cause of car accidents, many preventable wrecks result from defective and unsafe auto parts that fail, malfunction, or otherwise cause crashes that would have never happened if those parts had functioned as intended.

That’s especially true of defective and faulty tires, which pose considerable risks of accidents and injuries when they separate, blowout, or otherwise fail.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident you believe was caused by a defective tire – either on your own vehicle or another motorist’s vehicle – you have the right to take legal action against the manufacturer and seek a financial recovery of your damages, including your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

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Types of Tire Defect / Failure Cases

Various types of tire defects pose risks of car accidents, including serious wrecks involving rollovers or commercial trucks, which have a greater potential for causing catastrophic injuries.

Defects involving sidewall deformities, for example, have been found to have the greatest potential for causing serious crashes, and have been associated with a 50 percent fatality rate.

However, any deformity or defect, as well as various issues involving warnings, can pose risks of blowouts and wrecks, including:

  • Sidewall deformities
  • Retreaded tires or poor treading
  • Faulty tire beads
  • Failures to advertise age of tires
  • Failures to disclose defects or recalls with new or used tires

Product Liability

Tire defects have caused many preventable auto accidents throughout the years, and many manufacturers of those tires have been held accountable for various failures and acts of negligence that led to accidents and injuries.

That accountability stems from product liability laws, which require manufacturers and others who make products available to consumers to take appropriate steps in ensuring the safety of victims.

Under these laws, manufacturers and other entities can be held accountable for auto defects and failures involving:

  • Defective designs – Tires and products that were defective from inception as a result of poor design, before the manufacturing phase.
  • Manufacturing defects – Tire failures caused by errors made during the manufacturing phase, including poor craftsmanship, poor quality materials, and insufficient safety testing.
  • Defective marketing – Failures of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to adequately warn consumers of potential risks, including risks associated with defective tires, used or retreaded tires, and more.

Product liability lawsuits can be challenging, especially when powerful corporations who manufacture, distribute, and/or sell defective tires do all they can to defend against claims, deny liability, and pay victims as little as possible.

Constructing an effective case not only demands a meticulous investigation, collaboration with experts, and accumulation of evidence, but also the resources and insight needed to fight against corporate powers that want to skirt liability.

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