Yanina was stuck in traffic on I-85 when a construction company van crashed into her. The wreck totaled her car and tore her rotator cuff. Despite a year of physical therapy, she had to have surgery to repair her shoulder. Yanina tried to settle her case without filing a lawsuit, but the insurance company only offered $50,000, which was less than her medical bills. That’s when we got involved. She retained BBGA attorneys who filed a lawsuit, prepared the case for trial, and secured a $240,000 settlement.

The Crash

Yanina experienced a frightening ordeal on I-85 when her Mercedes became sandwiched between another vehicle and a commercial van that didn’t stop in time.

Yanina noticed the traffic ahead of her was stopped, so she came to a complete stop. Unfortunately, the construction company van driving behind her was going too fast and wasn’t keeping enough distance between it and Yanina’s car. The driver braked but couldn’t stop in time and the van crashed into the back of her car. The impact forced her vehicle to hit the car in front of her, causing damage to her vehicle and as a result, injuring her neck, back, and shoulder.

The Injuries

The wreck caused over $14,000 in damage to Yanina’s car. The impact also caused her injuries that led to more than a year of physical therapy and eventually, surgery.

Just two days after the collision Yanina went to the doctor for neck pain, stiffness, shoulder pain, lower-back pain and muscle spasms. She also experienced sleep disruption, headaches, stress and anxiety following the crash.

For the next two months, Yanina consistently worked with a physical therapist, but to no avail. She had constant pain in her shoulder and her range of motion was limited. She finally went to see an orthopedic surgeon, who ordered an MRI and diagnosed her with a torn rotator cuff.

Yanina continued to seek treatment from her family doctor, the orthopedic surgeon, a chiropractor, several physical therapists, and multiple other doctors. When nothing worked, her doctor recommended rotator cuff surgery and she decided to have it. She missed several weeks of work after the surgery and required nearly a year of physical therapy.

Lawsuit & Settlement

Despite Yanina’s injuries, the insurance company only offered a $50,000 settlement – less than her medical bills and lost income. Yanina felt this was an unfair offer and sought representation from BBGA. We filed suit, took the case to mediation and won a settlement of $240,000, more than four times the original offer.

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