We settled a case against AutoZone for $85,000 on behalf of a woman who injured in a wreck with an AutoZone delivery van. Our client Mrs. J broke her nose in the wreck, requiring surgery to repair, and she also suffered injuries to her neck and back. The settlement amount was nearly three times her medical bills, which were over $30,000.

Here’s what she had to say on Avvo about our work on her behalf:

Review by: Jacqueline

Reviewing: Michael Ruppersburg’s Legal Services

Date published: 4-13-2015

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Even though the AutoZone driver rear-ended our client while she was stopped at a red light and the police found him at fault and gave him a ticket, AutoZone denied that it was responsible for the wreck and even denied that Mrs. J was injured.  On the eve of trial, AutoZone offered the settlement, which our client accepted.


Mrs. J was running errands and was stopped at a red light when an AutoZone delivery van crashed into her from behind. A picture of the damage to her car is below. The force of the wreck caused her head to snap forward and strike the steering wheel, breaking her nose. The police arrived and found the AutoZone driver at fault for the wreck and wrote him a ticket for failure to stop at a stop light.


Mrs. J was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where doctors diagnosed her with a fracture of her nasal bones and cervical and lumbar strains and sprains. She saw an ear nose and throat specialist who diagnosed her with a deviated septum and recommended that she have surgery to repair it because it was causing her breathing difficulty. The surgery went well and though Mrs. J had a painful recovery, you can’t tell she was ever in an accident.

Mrs. J also saw an orthopedist who prescribed physical therapy for her neck and back and cortisone injections when physical therapy didn’t help. After several months of treatment she made a good recovery, though her neck and back will occasionally flare up.


Before filing suit, we sent AutoZone a settlement demand giving them the opportunity to settle the case without going to court. When AutoZone denied that it was responsible for the wreck and refused to make a settlement offer, we filed suit and got the case ready for trial. Once the judge put the case on a trial calendar, AutoZone began making settlement offers and after several rounds of negotiations, eventually offered $85,000, which Mrs. J accepted.



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