Ms. M was on her way to class at a local university. She was driving through an intersection in Cobb County, Georgia, had a green light, and the right of way. Another driver from the opposite direction didn’t see her coming and turned left in front of her. Ms. M didn’t have time to brake and crashed into the other car. Her head snapped forward and struck the airbag. She suffered a concussion and developed post-concussive syndrome as well as injuries to her neck and back. When Allstate refused to make a fair settlement offer, BBGA attorney Michael Ruppersburg filed a lawsuit and secured a $150,000 settlement shortly before the case went to trial, which was more than twice her medical bills.

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The police found the other driver at fault and ticketed her for failure to yield. Both cars were totaled and towed from the scene. Here’s what Ms. M’s car looked like:



After the car accident Ms. M got out of her car and felt dazed and groggy. She tried to call 911 but couldn’t remember the password for her cell phone. A family member came and picked her up and they immediately went to the emergency room. Doctors ordered a CT scan, which showed a probable contusion on the front of her brain. The hospital kept her overnight and she was discharged the next day.


In the weeks following the wreck Ms. M kept feeling groggy and began experiencing problems with her memory such as forgetting the names of people and restaurants and would sometimes stutter or struggle to find the right word to use, a medical condition known as aphasia.


She saw a neurosurgeon and a neurologist, both of whom diagnosed her with post-concussive syndrome with cognitive deficits. They prescribed medication to help with the symptoms of the concussion and referred her to speech therapy at the Shepherd Center.


When Ms. M’s neck and back didn’t get better a couple of weeks after the wreck, she went to see an orthopedist. The doctor ordered MRIs of her neck and back that showed mild disc bulges in her cervical and lumbar spine. The orthopedist referred her to physical therapy and when that didn’t help she underwent a series of facet joint injections.

With therapy and time, Ms. M’s post-concussive syndrome resolved and her neck and back got better. She graduated from college with good grades and got a good job with a local business where she’s doing well.


Ms. M tried to resolve her case with Allstate without filing a lawsuit, but Allstate refused to offer even the amount of her medical bills. Ms. M retained BBGA attorney Michael Ruppersburg and he filed a lawsuit and prepared the case for trial. The other driver admitted she was at fault for the wreck so the only issues for trial were Ms. M’s injuries and fair compensation for her injuries. We obtained Ms. M’s medical records from before the wreck, which showed no previous concussions or memory issues. Her doctors were also prepared to testify that the wreck caused her post-concussive syndrome and the symptoms she’d been suffering from. As the case approached trial Allstate offered to mediate the case and during the mediation we secured the $150,000 settlement for her.


A car accident, especially one that causes serious injuries, can dramatically alter your life. Navigating a settlement with an insurance company can be quite difficult. Contact one of our personal injury attorneys online or call (706) 354-4000 today for help with your case.



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