A scar forms as part of the healing process of an injury. While the injury may be physically healed, the emotional effect of a scar often lives on much longer.

Scars, especially ones that are large or visible to others, can affect the way a person feels and thinks about themselves. They can affect a person’s self-confidence and make them self-conscious. When someone else’s negligence causes an injury that leaves you with a significant and visible scar, Georgia law allows you to recover for both the physical and emotional injuries that you’ve suffered.

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What Types of Scarring Cases Does the Firm Handle?

Scars can result from many types of accidents and injuries, including:

Our firm has secured significant settlements for clients who have suffered scars due to the negligence of others. Details of several of the cases are below.

Georgia Scarring Settlement Examples

Our client suffered multiple lacerations to her face in a car wreck caused by a negligent driver. We secured a $1.25 million settlement, which was the limit of the at-fault driver’s insurance policy and more than 15 times her medical bills.

 Our client suffered an incident at a friend’s house that left her with a significant facial laceration and permanent scar. We investigated the incident and filed a lawsuit against the responsible parties and secured a $500,000 settlement before the case went to trial.

Our client suffered a large cut to her leg in a car wreck. We secured a $222,905 settlement, which was 11 times her medical bills.

  • $125,000 settlement for leg scar from a car accident

Our minor client suffered a large cut to his inner thigh in a car wreck. We secured a $125,000 settlement.

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What Sort of Compensation Can I Recover for a Scar in Georgia?

Georgia law allows you to recover compensation for your medical bills and the impact your injuries had on you, which may include pain and suffering in addition to physical injury.  

You can recover the cost of your medical bills, including the cost of any future medical treatment necessary to remove, reduce or minimize the appearance of the scar. If you have missed any time from work as a result of your injuries, Georgia law also allows you to recover your lost income.

An important aspect of any scarring case is your pain and suffering. Georgia law allows you to recover money for your physical pain and suffering, which is the pain from the injury and as you heal, any lingering effects from your injuries. Georgia law also allows you to recover funds for your emotional injuries, which the law calls mental pain and suffering. People with scars may believe that they are less attractive due to their injuries and may suffer from issues with self-confidence and self-esteem.

How is Pain and Suffering Determined in a Scar Injury Case?

It is up to the jury to decide how much compensation to award for physical injury and pain and suffering in a scar injury case.

There is no formula or calculator to determine pain and suffering and how much is awarded depends on the facts of each specific case.

Factors the jury may consider to determine the amount of pain and suffering may include:

  • Scar visibility. A jury may give a larger amount of compensation for a scar on a visible part of your body, such as your face, and a smaller amount of compensation for a scar on a part of your body that is hidden.
  • The size of the scar. A jury may give a larger amount of compensation for a large scar and a smaller amount of compensation for a smaller scar.
  • Whether the scar can be removed or minimized with medical treatment.
  • Pain associated with the injury and the results of the injury.

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