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Over the last 8 years we’ve secured more than $800 million for our clients. We fought medical device manufacturers that didn’t properly design and test products before bringing them to market. We fought unsafe trucking companies and irresponsible VA hospitals. We fought nursing homes that put profits over patient safety and insurance companies that refuse to treat people fairly.

We won.

In 2019 we negotiated to conclusion one of the largest mass tort common benefit resolutions in history.

There is no person, business, or corporation that we’ll back down from. We are experienced, relentless, resourced, and ready to help you and your clients fight for what’s fair.

We welcome the opportunity to work on a case with you. We offer generous co-counsel fee arrangements pursuant to Georgia Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5.

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A History of Results

We have an established track record of bringing our clients the results they expect and deserve. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and we know how to fight the insurance companies.

Sample Documents

Nursing Home Abuse and/or Neglect Documents

Medical Malpractice (Cardiologist) Documents

Medical Malpractice (Surgery) Documents

Assisted Living Facility Documents

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Intake Criteria for Various Case Types:

Surgical Mesh

3M Combat Earplugs


Talcum Powder

IVC Filters


Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC)/Infant Formula

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