Ms. K suffered a severe laceration to her leg in a car accident caused by a negligent driver. While the laceration healed it, unfortunately, left a large and visible scar on her leg. BBGA attorneys investigated the crash, filed suit against the negligent driver, and secured a $222,905 settlement for Ms. K before the case went to trial. The settlement was over 11 times her medical bills.

Drive to Grocery Store Ends in Accident

Ms. K was riding in the car with her brothers and sisters on Sugarloaf Parkway in Gwinnett County. They were on their way to the grocery store when a driver going the opposite direction attempted a U-turn in front of them. Ms. K’s brother attempted to brake but couldn’t stop in time and crashed into the other driver. The impact of the crash was so severe Ms. K suffered a significant hematoma on the side of her face and a large gash to her shin.

Significant Trauma Causes Permanent Disfigurement, Scar

Ms. K was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance from the scene of the crash. Emergency responders determined she had a large hematoma on the side of her face and a 7-8 cm laceration on her leg. A CT scan ruled out any fractures. Doctors closed the laceration with stitches and prescribed Ms. K pain medication and muscle relaxers and instructed her to follow up with her primary care physician.

Ms. K made multiple doctor’s visits in the following weeks and months due to pain in her face and later, an infection in her leg. She was prescribed prednisone to help with the swelling and antibiotic ointment to help clear the infection in her leg.

In 2020 Ms. K saw a plastic surgeon to discuss options for treating her scar. The surgeon noted that the scar on Ms. K ’s leg felt numb to the touch but caused pain that radiated down her leg. The surgeon recommended treatment to reduce the size and appearance of the scar, which included removing the scar and closing the skin with a tissue transfer. 

Effect of Injuries

Below is a portion of the settlement demand describing the effects of Ms. K ’s injuries:

Ms. K was enrolled in nursing school at the time of the wreck. She was not able to attend in person [at] school the month of June but did take her final exam in person. When she went to school, she felt as if people were looking at her and her injuries and wondering what happened to her. Several people asked her what happened. It made her feel bad and become upset and tearful. Ms. K ’s scar has also affected her self-confidence and how she dresses and feels about herself. Like many young women her age, Ms. K would wear shorts and skirts, and dresses. She no longer likes to wear clothing that exposes her scar and often wears long pants, long dresses, and long skirts [to cover her scar].

The Settlement

BBGA was able to resolve the case for $222,905. We are pleased to have helped Ms. K with her case and we wish her the best in her ongoing recovery.

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