Preventing Falls

Preventing Falls in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are supposed to take care of residents, which includes incorporating safety measures to prevent falls. It’s essential long-term care facilities first conduct a thorough falls risk assessment, and then implement strategies to alleviate all identified risks. A fall-prevention program that’s adequately developed and strategically implemented will at best eliminate, or at least, reduce the number of falls.

Simple Strategies to Prevent Nursing Home Falls in Georgia

  • Implement a fall-prevention strategy
  • Train staff adequately in fall-risk-reduction techniques
  • Implement strict rules for visitors who have pets or children (no running in hallways, no pets unless a certified service animal)
  • Incorporate grab bars in appropriate places (bathrooms, near beds, hallways, kitchens, stairs, uneven floors)
  • Ensure furniture and toilets are at appropriate heights
  • Use adequate lighting
  • Declutter rooms
  • Make sure residents’ personal items are within reach
  • Clear floors of frayed rugs, wires, cords, and other tripping hazards
  • Make sure floors and sidewalks are even, free of cracks, and free of debris
  • Use proper equipment, such as Hoyer Lifts, when moving a patient in and out of bed, off other furniture, or in-and-out of vehicles
  • Keep floors and bathtubs clean and dry
  • Make sure equipment is up-to-date and properly functioning
  • Pay attention to residents’ clothing and ensure it’s not too long, too loose, or presents as a tripping hazard
  • Encourage non-slip, well-fitted shoes
  • Assist residents whenever necessary
  • Closely monitor the side effects for medications
  • Use no-slip socks at night
  • Ensure floor mats and bed alarms are available
  • Create toileting plans, especially at night
  • Increase supervision for all at-risk fall residents, especially those on blood thinners
  • Implement call lights that are workable and within reach
  • Ensure there is appropriate staffing given the resident population

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