Nursing Home Falls and Fall-Related Injuries

Common Causes of Nursing Home Falls in Georgia

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Falls occur in Georgia nursing homes for various reasons – some because the physical state of the person and others due to hazardous conditions – but with proper care and suitable living conditions, nursing home falls are preventable. Some common causes of nursing home falls include:

Environmental hazards: Equipment left in the hallways, poor lighting, wet floors, lack of railings, poorly maintained equipment such as wheelchairs or walkers, lack of proper equipment, and furniture that is too high or too low.

Understaffing: Without proper staffing, the nurses and caregivers can’t adequately care for all the residents, which can lead to falls, amongst other negligence. Understaffing is a sign of a poorly managed long-term care facility.

Medications: Many elderly and disabled people are on multiple medications, which can increase their risk of falling and affect their ability to walk or complete every-day tasks without assistance.

Diseases: As we age, certain diseases such as arthritis, dementia, and frailty syndrome become more common. Many of these diseases automatically put elderly people more at risk for falls, which is why sufficient care and living conditions in nursing homes is so important.

Statistics on Nursing Home Falls

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Why is it So Dangerous for the Elderly to Fall?

As we age, our bones become more brittle and our bodies simply can’t recover from an illness or injury like it used to. Because of this, when an elderly person falls, they are more susceptible to severe injuries such as fractures, head injuries and lacerations. Even minor falls can result in a severe injury for an elderly person. Many elderly people who fall are already frail or have other health issues that can become exasperated after an injury. And a severe injury can have a snowball effect, causing other diseases to manifest.

Can a Nursing Home be Sued for Falls?

Every case is different, but if you or your loved one fell due to a Georgia long-term care facility’s negligence or abuse, you can file a personal injury claim against the facility or a specific caregiver, depending on the situation. BBGA seeks justice for what has happened! We hold Georgia long-term care facilities and caregivers accountable for abuse and negligence. If you or your loved one experienced a fall at a Georgia nursing home, contact us today at (706) 354-4000.


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