Army Sgt. 1st Class Richard Stayskal is terminally ill, but that hasn’t stopped him from fighting for his country  

It all began in June of 2017 when he went to Army medical complaining of breathing problems. He was told a spot on his lungs was pneumonia, and he was treated for such.

When he was still suffering with breathing issues months
later, he decided to see a civilian doctor instead. The civilian doctor told
him the spot on is lungs was in fact not pneumonia, but rather, a tumor.

Because the tumor hadn’t been treated properly in June, it had grown to double its size and spread to other parts of his body.

Stayskal, who is a father of two, now has a diagnosis of stage four cancer and was given only a year to live.

He’s unable to sue the Army for medical malpractice or negligence because of a 1950s Supreme Court case, Feres v. United States, which prohibits lawsuits from active-duty military men and women.

Stayskal is using what time he has left to lobby against the Feres Doctrine.

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