Jarryd with BBGA Attorney Jim Matthews

Medical Malpractice Changes an Athlete’s Life Forever

We’ve seen lives unnecessarily changed due to medical malpractice and it’s our goal at Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashley, P.C. to help ensure that any person suffering because of medical negligence has the opportunity to pursue justice. Such was the case when champion runner and Athens native, Jarryd Wallace, came to our team for help finding out what happened to his leg following a minor operation.

The Challenge: Surgical Complications

Before we met Jarryd, he was a celebrated young athlete with an exciting future. Unfortunately, he developed Compartment Syndrome in his right calf, creating pain in his lower leg. With his athletic career in jeopardy, Jarryd sought care from a well-known sports medicine orthopedic surgeon. A common surgery among runners, Jarryd expected a 4-week recovery.

Sadly, the routine operation was not so routine. After leaving the outpatient surgery center, Jarryd’s leg developed immense pain. The surgeon informed Jarryd that the pain was normal and to keep his leg wrapped, take pain medicine, and wait it out. Three days later, however, Jarryd’s pain only worsened. When he was rushed back to the doctor’s office, his surgeon informed him that he’d developed a rare infection and needed immediate surgery. Four surgeries — and a full year later — much of the muscle in Jarryd’s lower leg had been surgically removed.

With no cure in sight, Jarryd and his family were referred to our team for a legal review.

The Trouble: Incorrect Information

We immediately examined Jarryd’s medical records and realized his lab results showed no signs of infection. In fact, his intense leg pressure was due to a damaged artery caused by his first surgery — in a new case of Compartment Syndrome. Jarryd should have received emergency surgery to relieve the pressure. Yet, the surgeon completely denied any wrongdoing.

Because he followed his surgeon’s advice and took pain medicine and kept his leg wrapped, Jarryd’s muscle had died. We believe the surgeon is directly responsible.

The Goal: Justice

Suing a well-known sports medicine orthopedic surgeon isn’t easy. With Jarryd left in medical limbo without the use of his leg, we knew we had to pursue justice — and help him find essential medical care.

We arranged for Jarryd to meet with a specialist in Wisconsin, where he had to make a decision: delay amputation for a handful of years with continued surgeries, or end the pain immediately. Ready to move forward, Jarryd decided to amputate his leg. From there, he connected with a renowned amputation specialist in Indiana who performed the surgery with great success.

Meanwhile, Jarryd’s case was gaining momentum. Not only was he receiving top-notch medical care, we brought his specialist from Wisconsin in as a medical expert to testify on Jarryd’s behalf. With every step, we remained at the family’s side to provide the necessary legal and medical oversight they needed to end Jarryd’s suffering.

The Result: A Paralympic Career Takes Off

With our team at his side, Jarryd settled his medical malpractice case and received the compensation he deserved. Today, he is a worldwide celebrated Paralympic athlete. In short, Jarryd and his career are thriving.

The Takeaway: You Deserve Justice

No medical professional — no matter how distinguished — should get away with negligence.

If you or a loved one believe you have been injured by medical negligence, you don’t have to suffer alone. Call us today at (706) 354-4000. We can put the right people in place to help you understand your rights and pursue the justice you deserve.

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