An Oconee County volunteer firefighter who was recently struck by a vehicle on Hwy. 316 is speaking out to try and bring awareness to the importance of the “Move Over” law.

Spence Dalton suffered severe injuries when he was hit by a driver who failed to move over when he saw emergency lights. Spence was answering a call to help clear a tree in the road after a storm. The driver has been charged with leaving the scene and having an open container.

Spence’s nose was almost torn from his face, his pelvis is broken, and he will need multiple surgeries because of the ordeal.

11Alive covered the story and interviewed a BBGA attorney who is representing Spence.

“The ‘Move Over’ law requires that when you have an emergency vehicle responding that has its lights and sirens on, you need to move over to the next lane or slow down and be prepared to stop your vehicle,” Ruppersburg is quoted as saying in the article. “And that’s what [the Dalton family] really wants to see happen is awareness, so that [this] doesn’t happen to other people.”

Click here to read the full 11Alive article.

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