A BBGA client and his family are gaining national attention for their tradition that celebrates the Georgia Bulldogs.

Waylan Hitchcock’s sons and nephew began painting Bulldog-related messages on their barn on Highway 15 near Sandersville, Ga. back in 2000, after he suggested it to them. At first, in a pre-social media universe, it was a way for the boys to express their strong opinions about their favorite SEC football team and how they were playing.

It has since become a staple for Georgia Football fans as they are traveling south for rivalry games against Florida, or north for home games in Athens – a stop along the way where they can have their photo taken as a memorable keepsake.

Waylan Hitchcock poses in front of the barn, which is located on Highway 15 near Sandersville, Ga.

In the beginning, when posting to Twitter or Facebook wasn’t an option, the boys would update their barn message every few weeks. Now that they’re older, they change it up two or three times each season.

ESPN caught wind of the tradition and posted a detailed article about it online.

Click here to read the full article.

The most recent painting, one that they’ve been waiting decades to paint, reads “National Champions” in bold, red letters.  

The day the barn was painted, Jan. 12, was the same day BBGA (along with Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger) filed Mr. Hitchcock’s lawsuit alleging that his long-term use of Paraquat weed-killer on his farm caused him to develop Parkinson’s Disease.

The barn was repainted on January 12, 2022, as a tribute to the Georgia Bulldog’s win against Alabama.
Photo courtesy of The Barn Hunter

So, the Dawgs became national champions on Monday night, they painted the barn white to prep it, and by Wednesday, Jan. 12, the same day Mr. Hitchcock’s lawsuit was filed, it was dry enough to be repainted as a tribute to the Georgia Bulldogs’ win against Alabama.

Mr. Hitchcock says he chalks the timing up to “good luck.”

Make sure to read the full ESPN article to learn more about this BBGA client’s local tradition.   

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