David Dismuke
Business Law Attorney and CPA

BBGA business law attorney David Dismuke recently spoke to the local U.S. Environmental Protection Agency office about estate planning. Approximately 30 employees attended the private event.

David’s presentation focused on estate planning issues, including wills, trusts, probate, and how assets pass if someone does not have a Will. His presentation also addressed both estate and income tax considerations in an estate planning context.   

For instance, David covered the potential problems with administration of an estate if there is no will, such as how there’s no control over the personal representative if someone dies without a will because the probate court appoints an administrator.

Other topics covered during the event included:

  • There being a requirement for bond, inventories, and returns if there’s no will
  • The inability to sell property without a court order if there is no will
  • Probate assets
  • Requirements for a valid will
  • Types of trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Directives for Health Care
  • Estate taxes

David also discussed Year’s Support, which is a priority claim that a surviving spouse and minor children can make against a decedent’s estate for an amount necessary to support them for a period of one year following the decedent’s death.

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