BBGA recently secured a $250,000 settlement for a client who suffered neck injuries and required surgery because of a rear-end crash. The settlement was for the at-fault driver’s insurance policy limits and was three times the amount of our client’s medical bills.

The Crash

Ms. H was traveling west on Oglethorpe Avenue at the intersection of Holman Avenue in Athens, Georgia. She was stopped behind another vehicle that was turning left when she was struck from behind. The force of the crash pushed Ms. H’s vehicle into the car in front of her. The driver of the vehicle that struck Ms. H was found at fault.

Ms. H’s Vehicle following the crash.

The Injuries

Ms. H sought help from an orthopedic surgeon about a week after the wreck for neck pain. Imaging showed no fractures, so she was given instructions on home exercises.

Ms. H returned to the orthopedic clinic a month later with continued and worsening neck pain. She had cervical fusion done several years prior to the crash. An MRI of her spine revealed disc bulges in her neck and spinal cord compression, which was causing ongoing neck pain, numbness, and tingling in her shoulders.  

Ms. H eventually underwent a C4-C5 anterior cervical diskectomy, which is a type of neck surgery that involves removing a damaged disc to relieve spinal cord pressure and alleviate pain. She has fortunately made a good recovery and is back to living an active and healthy life.

Securing a Fair Settlement

Because Mrs. H had a previous neck surgery, we obtained all her medical records from that surgery and leading up to the wreck. The records showed that she had made a good recovery from the neck surgery and was pain and symptom-free for years. In fact, Mrs. H had gone to the doctor several times in the months before the wreck for routine checkups and the records noted that she was healthy and pain-free. We then sent a settlement demand to the other driver’s insurance company for their policy limits, which they agreed to pay.

We are so glad we could help Ms. H with her case, and we wish her the best in her ongoing recovery. 

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