Rakez was a passenger in a vehicle that crashed, and the driver was at fault. He needed surgery to repair a broken arm, so he retained BBGA to help with his case. Before the case went to trial, our attorneys secured a $150,000 settlement for Rakez. The case was in Fayette County, which is a conservative county not known for large verdicts and settlements.

Details of the Crash

The vehicle Rakez was a passenger in was a rental car traveling northbound on Highway 92 in Fayette County. The driver of the car failed to negotiate a curve and exited the road into a ditch. The driver then traveled approximately 194 feet before striking a culvert, going airborne, and landing on its roof towards the rear. The driver was found at fault for the incident.

Broken Arm Requires Surgery

Rakez was transported from the scene by Fayette County Fire & Emergency Services to a nearby medical center. He complained of severe pain in his left arm. Rakez underwent a CT scan and MRI and it was determined that he had a displaced transverse fracture of the shaft of the left radius. The radius is the shorter of the two bones in the forearm. He was admitted to the hospital and scheduled for surgery. Doctors had to insert a plate and multiple screws to secure the bones in Rakez’s arm. Following the surgery, he had to have a cast and manage his pain with medications. He was unable to bear any weight on his left upper body for several weeks. Rakez has made a good recovery, but he still experiences arm pain sometimes.

Settlement Amount Exceeds Medical Expenses

BBGA was able to resolve the case for $150,000 prior to going to court. Negotiations with Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s insurance company, ELCO, resulted in a settlement nearly double the cost of Rakez’s medical bills and thousands more than their initial offer. We are pleased to have helped Rakez with his case and wish him well.

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