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Top Types of Tire Defects

Car accidents and truck crashes have many different causes, including tire defects.

Tire defects can result in serious and deadly collisions, even when the vehicle owner regularly has the car maintained and pays attention to defect notices that arrive in the mail. Some tire defects may even be obvious.

For example, a car owner might notice that her tires are becoming flat or that the tread is wearing down more quickly on one tire than on others. In other situations, a car owner might receive a notice in the mail about a tire defect that alerts him/her to the need to take the vehicle to a dealer for a repair or replacement.

When a defective tire causes a serious accident, many different parties may be liable. It is important to learn more about common tire defects and about who is liable when a tire defect causes a crash.

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Common Tire Defects

There are numerous ways in which tires can be defective. Those defects may involve both design defects as well as manufacturing defects.

An article from Tires Easy discusses some common problems with tires, as well as instances of tire defects. Examples of common tire defects include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Tire tread separation
  • Tires that do not properly show tread wear
  • Poorly repaired or patched tire puncture
  • Tread and steel belt separation
  • Improper mounting of tire
  • Wrong sized tire used on vehicle
  • Mechanical problem causing rapid or irregular tire wear

When a defect results in an accident, many different parties may be liable for injuries. In a defective tire claim, you may be able to file a claim against more than one party.

Examples of parties that may be responsible for a defective tire accident include, but are not limited to:

  • Designer of tire component or tire itself
  • Mechanic who mounted tire on your vehicle
  • Mechanic who performed regular maintenance on your tires
  • Owner of mechanic shop where error occurred
  • Company responsible for labeling tire inflation amount

Consumers Should Expect to Purchase Tires That Are Free from

When you purchase a vehicle or buy new tires for your car, you should be able to anticipate that the tires do not contain defects that could lead to an auto wreck.

As an article from Edmunds explains, tire makers determine the usable life of the tires they sell, and consumers should be able to anticipate that the tires will be safe for use as long as the consumer regularly has the tires rotated and has the tires inspected for tread wear.

When your tire does have a defect, you should not be responsible for paying to repair or replace the tire. Similarly, you should not have to bear the financial costs associated with an accident caused by defective tires.

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Filing a Product Liability Lawsuit in Georgia for a Defective
Tire Accident

A tire defect claim is one type of product liability lawsuit. Product liability is an area of personal injury law that allows an injured plaintiff to hold anyone responsible along the product’s chain of manufacture liable for defects.

According to the Cornell Legal Information Institute (LII), there are three types of products liability law that might give rise to a defective tire claim:

  • Design defect: Tire defect occurred at some point in the stage of designing a component of the tire or the tire itself
  • Manufacturing defect: Tire defect occurred in the process of manufacturing one of the tire’s components or the whole tire

Design defects and manufacturing defects are the most common types of product liability claims arising from defective tire accidents. However, it is important to keep in mind that other parties also can be liable for crashes involving defective tires.

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If you were injured in a motor vehicle crash caused by a tire defect, you may be able to file a product liability claim.

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