do i need a personal injury lawyerIf you have suffered an injury due to an accident, you may have thought about whether you should hire a personal injury attorney.

Ultimately, if you have suffered significant injuries, it is in your best interest to consult with a personal injury attorney.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that there are some 83.6 million visits to doctor’s offices each year for injuries and some 42.3 million visits to emergency rooms.

If you have sustained injuries significant enough to seek medical treatment due to the negligence of another person, you may have cause for a lawsuit.

In certain situations, only an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to get you the compensation that you deserve for your losses and injuries. It’s important to remember that most personal injury cases have a two-year statute of limitations, so you don’t want to delay speaking to a personal injury attorney.

Overall, there are some specific signs that it may be time to talk to an attorney.

Injured in a Serious Accident?

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10 Signs You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

  1. You suffered serious injuriesThere are a number of things that can happen as a result of an accident, but if you suffered significant injuries that prohibit your daily activities and your ability to work, it is likely time to hire a professional.The amount of compensation you will receive depends on how severe your injuries are, but an experienced personal injury attorney can negotiate a fair settlement to help cover your medical care and recovery. If you are suffering and recovering from an accident, the last thing you need is additional stress trying to battle an insurance company.
  2. You suffered permanent and disabling injuriesIf you have sustained injuries that will require long-term care or that left you permanently disabled, you should discuss your case with a personal injury attorney immediately.Determining what your case is worth is difficult because of the amount of circumstances that will need to be considered. An experienced attorney can help you get the most out of your claim or lawsuit.
  3. Your accident was caused by a defective car partIf the accident wasn’t due to the negligence of a driver, could it have been caused by a defect of either automobile involved? If so, the manufacturer of the vehicle could be liable for damages.An attorney can help you navigate through the legal system, so all evidence is taken into consideration.
  4. Alcohol was involvedIf you were involved in a car accident that involved a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the person could be liable for your injuries. An attorney can help you state your case.
  5. You’re not receiving compensation for missed workPart of the damages you are entitled to receive are lost wages if your injuries forced you to take time off from work. If the insurance company is refusing to include the wages as damages in the case, consulting with an attorney is a must.
  6. The insurance company is refusing to pay your claimIf your injuries are due to the negligence of another driver, it is their insurance company’s duty to compensate you for your injuries. Many insurance companies, even your own insurance, may not be willing to pay the amount that you are due because they are trying to lower their payout.If you feel that the insurance company’s settlement offer isn’t fair, discuss your situation with an attorney who will likely be able to negotiate a better settlement.
  7. You have been exposed to a toxic substanceThis type of case is difficult and often relies on the testimony of expert witnesses and scientific analysis.An experienced attorney can help find the evidence and witnesses you need to help plead your case and get the settlement that you deserve.
  8. Liability isn’t clearIf your accident involved several different people, multiple parties could be liable for your injuries. When this happens, insurance claims can be extremely complicated.In this situation, you may also be deemed partially at fault by the insurance companies, even if you weren’t entirely responsible. An attorney can protect you against counterclaims and help you get compensated for your injuries and damages.
  9. You have car repair and medical bills due to an accident
    Sometimes an automobile accident causes significant injuries and even totals your vehicle. If you are looking at significant medical bills, it’s time to consider hiring a professional.You should not have to cover the cost of these expenses if you weren’t responsible. Most people don’t have the savings to purchase a new car, especially if they are paying medical bills. They also don’t have the time or knowledge to negotiate a fair settlement with an insurance adjuster. Let a professional handle this stressful situation for you.
  10. Your injuries or health is worse due to the incompetence or negligence of a healthcare professionalAlthough not every condition or disease can be cured, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers have a duty to provide people with a certain standard of care.Failing to provide that standard of care could open them up to claims of medical malpractice. These are very complex cases that often require medical testimony and are best left to an experienced personal injury attorney.

Reach Out to an Attorney for Help

The days and weeks after an accident should never be spent battling paperwork and insurance adjusters. You should be able to recover without the added stress of handling your own case.

That’s where an experienced, knowledgeable personal attorney comes in. Most people don’t have the time and expertise to be able to organize their own case to get the maximum compensation they deserve.

The attorneys at Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashley, P.C. have over 30 years of experience and have obtained millions of dollars for their clients over the years handling cases just like yours. Call us for a consultation today at one of our convenient Georgia office locations.

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