how to talk to an insurance claims adjuster

No one wants to be in a car crash. Unfortunately, collisions are usually out of your control. On top of your injuries and emotional trauma, you must now figure out what to do after the wreck. You may understandably feel overwhelmed and confused. While dealing with your injuries and property damage, you may also be fielding calls from insurance claims adjusters.

You may wonder what to say to an insurance adjuster after a car accident without hurting your case. An experienced Georgia auto accident attorney can help by speaking to the adjuster on your behalf. 

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Read ahead to learn more about insurance claims adjusters and what to say if they call you after a collision.   

What Do Insurance Claims Adjusters Do? 

When you receive a call from an insurance claims adjuster, it’s most likely that the adjuster works for the other party’s insurance company. An insurance claims adjuster researches the crash and insurance policy to determine potential compensation amounts.

Insurance companies obviously hope to pay out as little as possible on claims. They are in the business of making money, after all. With this in mind, saying the right thing after a collision is crucial to securing the compensation you deserve. 

Knowing what not to say to an insurance adjuster often feels like one more stressful thing to think about after a car wreck. A personal injury attorney understands the value of your claim and can gather supporting information in preparation for any discussions with an insurance adjuster. 

What Do Insurance Adjusters Look For? 

Part of knowing how to talk to an insurance claims adjuster is learning what information an insurance adjuster hopes to gain from speaking with you. 

The following facts are of interest to an insurance adjuster after a collision: 

  • The circumstances and facts of your auto wreck claim 
  • The damages and losses incurred as a result of the crash 

Using this information, insurance adjusters look for any factors that may limit the potential value of your claim for damages. An insurance adjuster may come to take a look at your vehicle or request pictures of the damage for which you’re claiming compensation.

Additionally, an insurance claims adjuster may direct you to take your car to a specific repair shop or ask you to shop around to different repair shops to find the best estimate. Finally, an adjuster will be on the lookout for any facts that might indicate you were at fault for the crash.

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How to talk to Insurance Claims Adjusters?

If you find yourself on the phone with an insurance adjuster, it’s vital to know what to do. The following tips may protect you from giving away too much in any conversation with an insurance claims adjuster. These rules include the following: 

Be Courteous 

Be firm and concise when speaking to insurance claims adjusters. Do not provide more information than asked and always stick to the truth. Varying from your story only causes more problems down the line. 

Name of Insurance Adjuster 

Get the insurance claim adjuster’s name, phone number, and business address. 

Provide Necessary Information 

Your name, address, and phone number are the only necessary information you need to give to insurance companies. 

Provide General Information About the Wreck 

Provide general information about the collision. Do not give any information regarding your injuries and any diagnosis. Don’t offer an opinion about who was at fault.

Be especially careful not to say anything that might be taken to mean that you could have avoided the collision if you had been more careful. The insurance company will use anything it can to show that you were the negligent party.

Don’t Sign Anything 

An insurance claims adjuster may offer an initial settlement offer that may sound appealing in the wake of your crash. But, it’s vital to understand the value of your claim before accepting any offer of settlement. 

Recorded Statement 

Insurance adjusters may claim you need to give a recorded statement to process your claim. However, this is not true. Do not provide consent to giving a recorded statement at any time. 

How Can an Attorney Help Me? 

Personal injury attorneys are skilled at negotiating with insurance claims adjusters and insurance companies. Your attorney has the experience necessary to anticipate all the tricks and tactics insurance companies may use.

Also, a car crash attorney will work diligently to force the adjuster to understand the full scope of your claim and damages. In most situations, your attorney is able to secure a far larger settlement than you can obtain on your own. 

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