Average Settlement for Concussion from a Car Accident

All car accidents are different, so it can be difficult to give an accurate estimate of a typical car accident settlement. It is possible, however, to come up with a rough approximation of how much a person could recover for a specific injury based on that individual’s losses, as well as each party’s degree of fault in causing the accident.

The best way to obtain a clearer view of the average settlement for a concussion caused by a car accident is to consult with a car accident lawyer who has experience obtaining favorable settlements on their clients’ behalf.

Important Factors to Consider

much a person can expect to recover in a settlement award after sustaining a
concussion in a car accident depends on a few important factors, including:

  • The cost of their treatment
  • The severity of the injury
  • Who was primarily responsible for the accident

contact our legal team today for help determining how these factors could
affect your own settlement.

The Cost of Treatment for a Concussion

The cost of treatment and the severity of a concussion go hand in hand, as the more severe a brain injury, the more an injured party can expect his or her costs to be.

For instance, many of those who are diagnosed with concussions suffer from chronic headaches for which they must take prescription medications, while others could require surgical intervention.

Concussions can also progress to chronic conditions, which means that injured parties could be on the hook for treatment for years to come. Fortunately, when someone else is primarily at fault for an accident, injured parties can recover damages compensating them for these losses, as well as the cost of rehabilitation and job loss.

The Issue of Fault

Who was at fault for the collision that caused a concussion will also play a significant role in any resulting settlement proceedings, as the less at fault an injured party is, the more he or she can expect to recover in concussion settlement amounts.

This doesn’t mean that anyone who contributes to his or her own accident will be out of luck. Georgia is a modified comparative negligence state, which means that even when an injured party contributed to his or her accident in some way, he or she can still recover compensation, although the amount will be reduced by that individual’s degree of fault.

Although the comparative negligence rule applies to litigation, it will most likely make its way into any settlement negotiations, where the at-fault party’s insurer will undoubtedly point the finger at the injured person as having contributed to the accident.

These accusations can lower a settlement award, so it is important for those who have sustained concussions in car accidents to speak with an attorney before initiating these proceedings.

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