Cobb County Police Accident Report

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, there were 35,140 collisions in Cobb County in 2017 alone.

Fifty-three people died in these wrecks, and 12,496 people were injured.

Even though most do their best to drive safely, many Cobb County residents are involved in car crashes each year.

The process that comes after a collision can be very overwhelming and confusing for those involved.

Fortunately, you can get a copy of your Cobb County police report that contains all the information from your wreck.

You can use this report to provide details to your insurance company about the crash and file a claim against the at-fault party.

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Importance of Cobb Police Accident Reports

The responding police officer creates an accident report at the scene of the collision. This crash report is that officer’s account of the wreck as well as other observations.

Cobb County accident reports contain important information such as:

  • Date, time, and place of the crash
  • Names of the people involved in the crash
  • Insurance information for the people involved in the crash
  • If a ticket was given, and if so, to whom and why
  • Weather conditions during the crash
  • Damage to cars
  • Injuries to people involved in the crash
  • Any other relevant information

Get a copy of your Cobb County crash report as soon as you can after a collision. By doing so, you can see what the police officer observed and concluded about the wreck.

Crash reports are valuable in supporting your personal injury or wrongful death claim. They will help you and your lawyer evaluate your claim and collect evidence to support it.

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How to Get Your Cobb County Police Accident Report

Cobb County police accident reports are available to the public for $5 per copy.

There are a few ways to get your report:

Request Your Crash Report Online

Visit Police 2 Citizen to submit a request for your report. 

Request Your Crash Report in Person

Visit the Cobb County Police Headquarters during business hours to request a copy of your report. Click here to get directions.

Request Your Crash Report by Mail

Mail the request to the following address:
Cobb County Police Department
Central Records
140 N Marietta Parkway
Marietta, Georgia 30060

Request Your Crash Report by Email

Send the request to Make sure to include a copy of a valid photo ID.

Notes About Getting Your Cobb Police Crash Report

When requesting your Cobb County police accident report, you will need to know:

  • The date of the crash
  • The highway number and county of the wreck
  • The name of at least one driver

Click here for information on what to do if you’re hit by a driver who doesn’t have insurance.

How a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Our car accident lawyers in Cobb County, GA pursue the highest possible compensation for your losses. An experienced Georgia car accident attorney can evaluate your collision and injuries and build a strong legal claim.

Let a lawyer from our firm navigate the personal injury claims process so you can focus on recovery.

At BBGA, we are prepared to:

  • Argue cases, prepare legal documents, offer experienced and professional legal advice, and file complaints in court if necessary
  • Conduct research and gather evidence to build a strong case
  • Get you the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses

If you or a loved one has been injured in a wreck in Georgia, you need a compassionate and dedicated attorney on your side during this challenging process. Contact our firm today to speak with our car accident lawyer in Cobb County.

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