Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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Auto accidents of any type have the potential to result in injuries and setbacks that create many challenges for victims and their loved ones, which is why a successful personal injury claim is so vital to recovering the compensation they need and deserve. Due to the unique issues in commercial vehicle accidents, however, victims often face additional challenges during their fight for a full and fair recovery of damages.

Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashley, P.C. is a proven personal injury law firm that has a track record of securing the results victims deserve in auto accident cases, including complex cases involving vehicles operated for commercial purposes. If you or your loved one has been harmed in a traffic wreck involving a commercial vehicle, you can equip yourself with the representation and resources needed to handle all legal issues by working with our award-winning Athens auto accident lawyers.

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Types of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial vehicle accidents can involve a range of traffic collisions and various circumstances, but all share the commonality of involving vehicles that are used for commercial purposes. Common commercial vehicle accidents include:

  • Truck accidents (box trucks, delivery trucks, flatbed trucks, tractor-trailers, etc.)
  • Garbage trucks and other public utility vehicles
  • Dump trucks and construction vehicles
  • Tanker trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Buses and transportation service vehicles

Challenges in Commercial Vehicle Accident Cases

Although victims of commercial vehicle accidents have the same right to compensation as victims of any car accident, they face additional issues and challenges. These include:

  • Potential for Serious Injuries – Vehicles operated for commercial purposes are often much different in terms of construction and size than standard passenger vehicles. Commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, garbage trucks, and other specialized vehicles are often much larger, heavier, and more difficult to maneuver than standard cars or pickup trucks, which makes them more likely to cause serious injuries, if not fatal injuries, in accidents. When victims suffer catastrophic injuries that require serious and long-term treatment, and which can result in longer recoveries, impairment, or life-long disabilities, their need for full and fair compensation is elevated.
  • Corporations – Commercial vehicles are often operated by corporations that care more about profits than they care about people, including people harmed by their employees and fleet. As such, these corporations, as well as commercial insurance providers, often devote extensive resources toward fighting any personal injury or wrongful death claims in hopes of paying victims less than they deserve, or avoiding liability and payouts altogether. When up against these corporate powers, victims can level the playing field by working with proven attorneys who have the experience and resources to ensure commercial companies are held responsible for the injuries and damages they caused.
  • Regulations – Because commercial vehicles pose risks to public safety, they are subject to many regulations, including regulations for driver training, cargo loading and securement, hours-of-service rules that limit the amount of time commercial drivers can be behind the wheel, and regulations for vehicle maintenance, among many others. These regulations can also vary by industry, especially when commercial vehicles transport cargo or dangerous materials or operate for transportation purposes. When pursuing lawsuits involving commercial vehicle wrecks, victims should work with attorneys who have verifiable experience with the numerous regulations that may apply, as well as the resources to conduct investigations and determine whether any violations or failures of commercial operators led to preventable wrecks.
  • Potential causes – Commercial vehicle accidents can be caused by many factors not limited to driver error and traffic violations such as running red lights, speeding, or unsafe lane changes alone. Depending on the type of vehicle involved and applicable regulations, these types of wrecks may be caused by the negligence of commercial companies that fail to properly hire and train qualified commercial drivers, negligent maintenance of vehicles, regulatory violations, and more. Exploring all potential causes of a crash is critical in any personal injury case, which is why your attorney needs to know what to look for when working to establish fault and liability.
  • Liability – Aside from there being many potential causes of commercial vehicle accidents, difficulties in establishing liability can also arise from the fact that multiple entities may be involved. Commercial operations, such as cargo shipping, often involve multiple companies responsible for different aspects of transactions and transportation, such as shippers and distributors, vehicle maintenance companies, specialized auto part or vehicle manufacturers, and more. When multiple parties are involved, meticulous investigations must be conducted to determine not only the underlying cause of a crash, but also which party (or multiple parties in some cases) failed to abide by safety regulations or take reasonable steps to ensure public safety.

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