BBGA shareholder Sara Schramm was recently recognized with the “Deep End Award” for her work as an advocate for children in the foster care system.

As a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA, in the Piedmont Circuit, Schramm serves as a volunteer guardian ad litem to independently investigate circumstances surrounding children placed in foster care.  She then acts as the “voice of the children” to inform the court through written and oral reports as to the best interests of each child.

The Deep End Award is given each year to a newly appointed CASA advocate who has “jumped into the deep end” of an intense and complex case, and provided stellar support and advocacy to the assigned children.

Schramm has committed over 120 hours of her time since being appointed as an advocate in March of last year.  She has attended half a dozen hearings and provides regular reports to the court.

“I can tell you without reservation that the hours I’ve spent advocating for these children this past year have been the most meaningful volunteer hours of my career,” Schramm said.

Piedmont CASA’s mission is to provide all abused and neglected children of Barrow, Jackson, and Banks Counties certified volunteers to be their voice.  At this time, only 50 percent of children are served by a special advocate.

“We believe … every abused and neglected child deserves a caring, consistent adult to advocate for his or her well-being,” Piedmont CASA’s website reads.

Learn more about CASA here.

Sara Schramm on swearing in day.

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